With its specific soft aroma, very pleasant taste and very slow crystallization the acacia honey is one of the most preferred bee products. The acacia bee honey is recommended with insomnia, gastric and intestinal problems, gall bladder problems and in all cases, when you would like to eat honey.
260 gr. - €2.25
400 gr. - €2.80
500 gr. - €3.50
700 gr. - €4.65
10 kg. - €42.00
15 kg. - €62.55




The polifloral herbal honey has valued nutrition and medical qualities, as it is collected from various types of mountain blooming plants in the ecologically pure regions of the mountains Rila, Pirin, Rhodopes and Stara planina. The polifloral bee honey is recommended in case of over-exhaustion, for general strengthening of the organism and it has anti-sclerotic effect.
260 gr. - €1.60
400 gr. - €2.05
500 gr. - €2.50
700 gr. - €3.25
10 kg. - €30.00
15 kg. - €44.25




The monofloral limetree honey has a bright colour. The limetree bee honey has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and to a certain extent anti-spitting effect, that’s why it is recommended with fever, angina, bronchitis, bronchial asthma. Because of its nice aroma it is extremely suitable for sweetening tea, coffee, cocktails and sweets.
260 gr. - €2.10
400 gr. - €2.85
500 gr. - €3.55
700 gr. - €4.70
10 kg. - €36.5
15 kg. - €54.3




For the manna honey there are specific the so called manna elements – it is made of the manna (honey mildew) on the coniferous and deciduous trees and the flower pollen from non-honey bringing plants. The manna bee honey is a dark one, its sweetness is an average one, its aroma – a specific one, it is characterized with its slow crystallization. Our manna honey is collected mainly in the region of Strandzha mountain, where 75% of the forests are from oaks and the manna honey itself is from the leafs of oak trees.
260 gr. - €2.65
400 gr. - €3.60
500 gr. - €4.45
700 gr. - €5.95


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